Directorate for the Prison System and Probation

  • tasks relating to the execution of prison sentences pronounced in criminal, misdemeanour and other court proceedings, juvenile prison sentences, pecuniary penalties replaced by prison sentences in criminal and misdemeanour proceedings, detention on remand, correctional measure of referral to a reformatory;
  • supervision of legality and regularity of the work and proceedings of organisational units within: penitentiaries, prisons, reformatories, the Zagreb Diagnostics Centre (penal institutions) and the Training Centre;
  • professional training of prison officers on the performance of tasks relating to execution of criminal sanctions and measures within the scope of the Directorate;
  • administrative and professional tasks relating to probation when deciding on criminal prosecution, selection of a type of criminal sanction and execution of criminal sanctions to be served outside of prison;
  • professional training of probation officers;
  • supervision of the regularity, timeliness and legality of the work of probation offices;
  • maintenance of records.

Probation offices