Directorate for Criminal Law

  • tasks relating to drafting proposals for laws and other regulations in the area of criminal law and their enforcement;
  • professional handling of pardon proceedings;
  • maintenance of criminal records, misdemeanour records and the register of unpaid fines, and international exchange of criminal records data;
  • institutionalisation and coordination of the victim and witness support system within the judiciary;
  • coordination of the strategic development of the judicial system in Croatia – international and interinstitutional cooperation and monitoring of the application of international documents in the issues of victim and witness support, and participation in the development of regulations and opinions to regulations governing the rights of victims and witnesses;
  • tasks of the Commission for Monitoring and Improvement of the Victim and Witness Support System;
  • participation in the work of institutions and other bodies of the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe (CoE);
  • analyses of proposals for EU’s and CoE’s legal acts within its scope, analyses and proposals for the harmonisation of legislation from its scope with EU and CoE law.