What does a testimony look like?

Witnesses are questioned individually, without the presence of other witnesses. 

A witness is obligated to provide answers orally. 

You cannot attend the presentation of evidence at the main hearing before giving witness testimony. 

At the beginning of testimony, you will be warned about your obligation to say everything you know about the case and that giving false testimony constitutes a criminal offence. You may be asked to make a commitment to tell the truth. After that, you will be asked to state your personal information and relationship to the defendant and the injured party. You will be asked to say everything you know about the case, and then you will be asked questions for the purpose of verification, supplementation and clarification. You will always be asked where you got the information given in your testimony. 

Witnesses can be confronted against each other if their statements on important facts do not match. Only two witnesses can be confronted at one time. 

If during the previous questioning a witness stated some facts which he no longer remembers or if they depart from the previous statement, they will be presented with the previous statement and asked why they have changed their statement. 

If your ability to identify a person or an object is to be determined, you will be asked to describe them and say what makes them stand out. Then they will be shown to you together with other persons or objects for the purpose of recognition.