Right to free legal aid

In accordance with the provisions of the Free Legal Aid Act, victims of violent crimes are entitled to secondary legal aid in the procedure of claiming restitution for the damage caused by the crime (which includes representation in court proceedings, exemption from payment of the costs of court proceedings and exemption from payment of court fees), regardless of their financial situation.

There is a prescribed application form for secondary legal aid, which includes the consent of the applicant and their household members to allow access to all data on total incomes and assets. The application form must be submitted in person or via registered mail to the competent administrative body of the relevant county or the City of Zagreb according to the applicant's place of permanent or temporary residence.

Basic information on free legal aid, the list of authorised associations and legal clinics, contact details of the administrative bodies of the counties and the City of Zagreb, and standard forms are available on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration at: https://mpudt.gov.hr/besplatna-pravna-pomoc/6184