Additional rights of child victims

Right to a legal representative financed from the state budget
A child victim of a crime is entitled to free assistance by a legal representative. The legal representative is appointed by the court, and the costs of their services are covered from the state budget. The legal representative is an attorney at law, i.e. a lawyer who is well acquainted with the rules of criminal procedure and the rights of children in criminal proceedings. The attorney will help the child victim understand the criminal proceedings, understand their rights in the proceedings, and make the best use of those rights to the child's advantage. The attorney will represent the child in court in criminal proceedings and will help the child to realise the right to indemnification.
Right to personal data confidentiality
A child victim of a crime has the right to the confidentiality of personal data. This means that all participants in criminal proceedings, police officers, state attorneys, judges, expert witnesses and others who may have participated in criminal proceedings, must not give anyone the child's personal data that could reveal the child's identity or other personal data.
Right to a non-public hearing
A child who is a victim of a criminal offence has the right to a non-public hearing, so the court is obliged to exclude the public from the whole or part of the hearing in order to protect the child, i.e. any person under the age of eighteen.