Rules of gender recognition

For this topic on gender recognition rules, in the case of gender reassignment, it should be noted that these rules fall within the remit of the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Justice and Public Administration can only submit the following text on the right of the person to change his/her name.

How to change your name

Any person may change his or her name. If you change your name, you must use the new name in legal matters.
Any person may change his or her name. An application for a change of a name must be submitted to the relevant state administration office in the county according to the place of residence, i.e. the City Office for the General Administration of the City of Zagreb, if you are resident in the City of Zagreb.
The documents required for a name change are as follows:
  • an application
  • a court certificate stating that you are not subject to criminal proceedings.
The change of name will not be granted:
  • if the proposed name offends and threatens the rights and freedoms of others, the legal order and public morals;
  • if the proposed personal name does not constitute a personal name;
  • to a person subject to criminal proceedings for an offence prosecuted ex officio.
The name change decision shall be notified immediately on completion by the relevant civil registry office to the registry of birth certificates for updating, and to other authorities keeping records of citizens.
The person changing their name will use the new personal name in legal matters from the date on which the change is entered in the birth certificate.
The procedure for determining and changing the personal names of Croatian nationals is governed by the Personal Name Act.
Personal Name Act.