Volunteering at victim and witness support departments

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Support to victims and witnesses is provided by the staff of the victim and witness support departments as well as by volunteers, persons who devote their free time to helping others.
The role of volunteers in the VWS departments is to provide emotional support and practical information to victims, witnesses and, when necessary, to members of their families.
Any responsible person of age – a senior citizen, student, employed or unemployed person – is eligible for volunteering, provided that:
  • they can devote their free time to volunteering,
  • there are no criminal proceedings conducted against them,
  • they have completed secondary education, regardless of profession,
  • they are empathetic, communicative and enjoy working with people,
  • they are not prejudiced,
  • they have passed the interview and basic training for the VWS department.

The support officers and volunteers cannot provide legal advice, psychological counselling or therapy, or discuss the content of the victim’s or witness’s testimony.