Digital side of justice

A service bringing courts closer to citizens.
Certificate of no ongoing criminal proceedings
Don't waste time waiting for the certificate to be issued, do it anytime, anywhere.
All the information you need, free and readily available.
Real Property Registration and Cadastre Joint Information System - JIS OSS
Make use of the one-stop shop information system to download all documents and copies from land registry and cadastre.
Simply enter the title of publication and personal ID number (OIB) or name of the entity concerned to have all the decisions and notifications of competent authorities in Croatia listed and made available in the application.
Criminal records
Quick and easy submission of applications upon entry into force of the Government Decision on calling local elections, until nomination of candidates for local elections.
Court Register (companies register)
A single database for the Republic of Croatia, accessible 24/7.
Insolvency Register
Key information on insolvency of business entities.
Organised Land - JIS
Make use of the digital options and access and search the information you need without registration.