Study visit of the European Network on Victims’ Rights (ENVR)

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On Friday, 6 October 2023, during a study visit to Croatia, the delegation of the European Network on Victims’ Rights visited the County Court in Zadar, where members of the delegation were acquainted with the victim and witness support system in Croatia and cross-sectoral cooperation at the local level.

The delegation comprised representatives from the justice systems of Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.

The aim of the study visit to Croatia was to introduce participants to the support system and the model of cooperation between competent authorities and organisations at the local level involved in the process of providing support to victims and witnesses of crime.

As an example of good practice in cross-sectoral cooperation, the work of the Victim and Witness Support Department of the County Court in Zadar was presented along with their cooperation with judges, state attorneys and police.

In addition, the civil society organisation ZvoniMir was presented, which is a member of the Network of Support and Cooperation for Victims and Witnesses of Criminal Offences, funded by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Administration is a member of the European Network on Victims’ Rights (ENVR), which brings together representatives of competent ministries in the Member States of the European Union dealing with the protection of victims’ rights and victim support.