State Secretary Vedrana Šimundža-Nikolić at the conference “Digital Croatia, keeping up with the times”

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Organised by Večernji list, the conference “Digital Croatia, keeping up with the times” was held at the Algebra University College in Zagreb on Monday, 23 October 2023.

The project Digital Croatia started five years ago when the digital caravan started a tour of Croatia to help citizens better understand the digital world and to identify on the spot what questions and dillemas citizens have about the use of digital technologies.

Keynote addresses at the conference were delivered by State Secretary Vedrana Šimundža-Nikolić and Director of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb Boris Jokić.

“The Records Management Decree introduced the rule that the digital form is the basic and primary form in public administration. The service e-Administrative Procedure has also been developed, through which citizens and businesses can monitor the course of an administrative procedure, see who is processing it and at what stage it is. Moreover, digital signature and stamp have been introduced and an electronic registry was established with the aim of speeding up the state administration process. Towards the end of last year, a Digital State Examination system was introduced, replacing a nearly three decades old system, in which the State Exam was taken orally and only in the capital city. A centralised recruitment system is also planned, so that all vacancy competitions will be carried out by a single authority. The system will cut costs, shorten the process of admission to the civil service and increase the level of transparency in employment. Furthermore, the classic transcripts of court proceedings will pass into history, and the proceedings will be sound recorded. In addition, over half a million documents were issued over the past year thanks to the e-Civil Registers service. More than 1,200 citizens registered their wedding through the e-Citizens system, 3,700 children were registered via e-Newborn, and the cadastre and land registry information system is used by almost 148 thousand citizens”, State Secretary Vedrana Šimundža-Nikolić pointed out in her opening address.

Participants of a panel discussion on the topic “Digitalisation – Challenges and Solutions” included CEO of APIS IT Saša Bilić, Director of Business Development Division of AKD Leo Lokas, Director of ICT for Industry and Society at Ericsson Nikola Tesla Ivan Lupić and Board Member of Algebra Hrvoje Josip Balen.