Minister Malenica at International Conference “Croatian-French Days of Administrative Law”

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Minister of Justice and Public Administration Ivan Malenica participated in the international conference “Croatian-French Days of Administrative Law” on 22 September.

This year topic of the conference is an important area for the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration as changes in the civil service employment system are underway, Minister Malenica said.

"A number of reforms are being implemented: from the reform of the wage system, centralised selection system to a completely new concept of human resources management in the public administration", he stressed. 

During the conference, Minister Malenica participated in the panel discussion “The importance of civil servants” where he stressed the need for a joint effort in changing the perception of public servants.

In addition, the public administration reform implemented by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration was presented, introducing a new civil service employment system, covering about 250 thousand civil servants and employees of public services, as of the beginning of next year. The reform includes the adoption of a new Act on Salaries in Civil Service and Public Services, which will regulate entry in the civil service, job classification, training and professional development of civil servants and governmental employees, promotion and other issues relevant to the realisation of the rights and obligations of civil servants, and the adoption of two decrees that will establish uniform job titles and job complexity coefficients, as well as specific job titles and coefficients for individual state bodies.

The international conference “Croatian-French Days of Administrative Law” has been held since 2007 as part of a partnership between the Faculty of Law of the University of Split and the Panthéon Assas (Paris II) University. The conference brings together leading Croatian and French experts in the field of administrative law. 

During this year’s conference, Croatian and French experts and scientists in the field of public administration discussed experiences in public administration, and judges of the European Court of Human Rights presented the case law of that court. 

Photo: HINA