International conference “Innovations in the rehabilitation process of inmates and probationers” in Tbilisi

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On Wednesday, 1 November, Minister of Justice and Public Administration Ivan Malenica participated in the international conference on “Innovations in the rehabilitation process of inmates and probationers” in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The conference brought together European state officials and experts from correctional systems.

Opening the conference, Minister Malenica highlighted the continuous changes in the structure of transnational crime and that the offenders are networked more than ever, putting new challenges before prison systems across Europe.  

“Classic methods are no longer sufficient to address those challenges, but we need to find new answers. Although our prison systems differ in structure, history, tradition and cultural framework, the fact is that they face the same trends and challenges. By strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation, we can combat crime more effectively, but also improve the system of execution of prison sentences and alternative sanctions, while respecting international legal standards and human rights", the Minister said.

Speaking about changes in the correctional system, he highlighted digital transition as an important aspect of improving the system of execution of sentences, not only in terms of improving business processes within the criminal system, but also in terms of security and, consequently, in terms of preservation of human rights.

The z-Spis electronic system for managing prisoner files, introduced into the Croatian prison system in January 2019, has significantly improved the operation of all correctional institutions as well as the Prison System and Probation Directorate. The system facilitates monitoring of the enforcement of individual sentences, but also of the trends faced by correctional institutions in general.

The Minister emphasised that innovations in the correctional system were spearheaded by the Croatian probation service, which had achieved significant results and implemented numerous projects, worth almost 8.5 million euros, in the ten years of its operation. Thanks to those projects, electronic monitoring and VR technology in officer training had been introduced into the Croatian system, and guidelines, standards and instructions developed for work with probationers and for offender risk and needs assessment.

“Around 3,500 offenders are under the supervision of the probation service annually. In 2022, convicts whose prison term was replaced by community service worked over 370 thousand hours, and over 4.5 million community service hours have been completed since the establishment of the probation service.  This not only reduces the burden on the prison system, but also fulfils the purpose of punishment while improving the credibility, efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system – which I believe is the goal of any correctional system”, the Minister concluded.

During the official visit to Georgia, Minister Malenica met with his Georgian counterpart Rati Bregadze at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The meeting confirmed good relations between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Georgia as well as a quality judicial cooperation.  

In order to strengthen mutual cooperation, the ministers signed a joint statement as a sign of commitment to continued building of quality bilateral relations in the areas of judicial cooperation, strengthening of the rule of law and safeguarding of human rights, and in the exchange of experience in the rehabilitation of inmates and strengthening of probation services.

Photo: Ministry of Justice, Republic of Georgia