Greece, not Croatia, can request transfer of proceedings against supporters to Croatia

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Only Greece can request the transfer of proceedings against Croatian football fans to Croatia, Minister of Justice and Public Administration Ivan Malenica said today after a government session.

One hundred and two Croatian nationals arrested in Athens fear reprisals in prisons and their parents have pleaded the Croatian authorities to protect and bring them home as soon as possible.
Under international law, the transfer of proceedings to Croatia can only be requested by Greece, and only if the suspects are unavailable, i.e. if they are in Croatia or in another country.
“It’s all up to Greece", Malenica told the press. “We expect the Greek authorities to ensure a fair trial and that the proceedings be conducted as soon as possible”, he added.
According to Malenica, the Greek judiciary did not ask Zagreb for the criminal record information for the arrested Croatian nationals or those who may have returned to Croatia.  However, the Croatian Embassy in Athens requested it for some of them for defence purposes. It was thus established that 47 had not and eleven had previously committed crimes, but Minister Malenica could not specify which ones. 
The government is doing everything in its power, communication with Greek authorities satisfactory
Maintaining that the government is doing everything in its power, Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman said that a Greek-speaking official had left from Zagreb to Athens to further improve communication with the Greek authorities.
“We are very satisfied with this communication. We believe the information coming from the Greek authorities, and not from the media. Greece is a state based on the rule of law, and its judiciary is independent”, he highlighted.
The head of Croatian diplomacy reminded that Croatian fans had known in advance that they could not enter the AEK stadium and had tried to hide their arrival in Greece.
“We don't want to indulge in qualifications if and what they are guilty of. What matters is the protection of Croatian citizens, whoever they are and whatever they have done, they must receive consular assistance and legal protection”, said Grlić Radman.
“Is the procedure too slow? It’s difficult to comment on this. It’s natural and human to want to have the matter resolved as soon as possible”, he added.

Source: Hina / Government