Beginning of works on the largest judicial infrastructure project – Justice Square in Zagreb

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On Monday 15 April, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Minister of Justice and Public Administration Ivan Malenica officially marked the beginning of works on the Justice Square in Zagreb - the largest judicial infrastructure project to date.

“This project represents the largest infrastructure investment in the judiciary in modern Croatia and will be a symbol of the justice system. Investment in judicial infrastructure is merely a continuation of the efforts and work this government has invested in the judiciary, because that is precisely the foundation of the country we want, a country in which the rule of law and constitutionality are the leading principle", said Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

In his speech, he reminded of the numerous legislative changes in the area of justice adopted to improve the efficiency of the judiciary, and referred in particular to the new package of amendments to criminal legislation, which significantly improved the system of protection of women against violence.

Minister Malenica described the Justice Square project as a turning point in investments in judicial infrastructure. “This project will change the visual image of the judiciary. There was no doubt for us that this project should be part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, because its value is not reflected in the almost 170 million euros of investment, but rather in the framework we are creating for better working conditions and changes in the judiciary that will surely be reflected in the courts’ performance", said Minister Malenica.

The Minister reminded that the idea of the Justice Square project had emerged in the 2000s in the Ministry of Justice. The first steps in the planning of this project were made in 2007, when the architectural tender was launched, where the design by Davor Bušnja, Zrinka Mrković-Mračić and Vedran Škopac was selected as the best. However, the project was halted until 2021, when the Government included it in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026.

“Infrastructure in modern justice represents a potential, a foundation and a requirement for a better performance of the constitutional role of courts”, said Commercial Court President Nino Radić.

The project Justice Square - Phase I is part of a large investment cycle in judicial infrastructure, worth about half a billion euros. Apart from Zagreb, justice squares will be built in Bjelovar, Velika Gorica and Rijeka.

The southern building of the Justice Square will accomodate the new premises of the Commercial Court, the High Commercial Court, the Administrative Court and the High Administrative Court, as well as the Judicial Academy and the Centre for Peaceful Dispute Resolution. The southern building will cover approximately 25,000 square meters, and about 1,300 parking spaces will be provided in the underground garage.

The completion of works on the construction of the Justice Square is expected in the third trimester of 2026.