10th anniversary of e-Citizens

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Aware of the social complexity and requirements faced by citizens and entrepreneurs, the Government presented the e-Citizens project ten years ago, enabling modern, fast and simple digital communication with the public administration free of charge.

"Today, digitalisation is the main driving force in both the private and business environments. We are aware of its importance and strength, which we are proving through constant work on planning and developing new methods and ways of improving the work of the public administration system using new technologies", said Minister Damir Habijan.

"Since its introduction, the e-Citizens system has been continuously growing and developing, adapting to the needs of users and integrating new services. Today, almost two million users use this platform on a daily basis, which has significantly facilitated the daily life of citizens and entrepreneurs. The e-Citizens system needs further enhancements, we will continue to develop it as a portal, adapt it to life situations and expand with new services. Our goal is to relieve the burden on citizens as much as possible, to network all bodies and to facilitate access to all services", said Minister Habijan.

The e-Citizens system has been publicly available since June 2014, was redesigned in April 2021, and has become a unique place where citizens communicate with the state using their digital identity.

"Since the introduction of the system page views have been steadily increasing. From the initial one and a half million, today the e-Citizens portal has almost 25 million views, and the most needed services such as the Health Portal, e-Tax, e-Communication with the courts and e-CivilRegisters are among the most frequently used services“, said State Secretary Bernard Gršić.

The main goal of electronic public services is to save time for citizens and entrepreneurs, to enable communication from anywhere, and to have requests addressed to public sector bodies resolved quickly and efficiently without having to go there physically.

The introduction of the e-Citizens system has significantly improved the public administration system in Croatia, and further continuous investments, development and integration of new functionalities will ensure that the system continues to respond to the needs of users. In addition, with a new strategic approach to digitalisation, the focus of the whole system will be on creating new opportunities, benefits and a good business climate.

"I urge all citizens who have not used e-Citizens so far to connect and take advantage of the opportunities offered by this system", said Minister Habijan.