Public information campaign and promotion of available e-services

A campaign aimed at familiarising citizens with the existing e-services of the judiciary and their use was conducted in the cities of Velika Gorica, Šibenik, Karlovac, Gospić and Koprivnica.

Services such as e-Communication, issuance of certificates of no ongoing criminal proceedings, issuance of land registry extracts, e-Case, e-NoticeBoard, Court Register and others, are available 24/7 to citizens and other users in the justice system. 

To obtain documents electronically, it is not necessary to adjust one’s obligations to the opening hours of judicial institutions. Data and documents are available whenever one finds it convenient. This also fosters the transparency and efficiency of the justice system, reduces administrative barriers and facilitates access to justice.

There is a number of advantages provided by e-services, and in order to familiarise citizens with the existence and use of electronic services, an innovative information campaign has been organised for citizens in several cities. In the first part of the campaign, which started on 31 May 2023, citizens of Velika Gorica, Šibenik, Karlovac, Gospić and Koprivnica had the opportunity to have the available judicial services presented and to get the information needed to use each of them. The second part of the campaign is scheduled for September 2023, when campaign presenters will continue to promote the e-services of the judiciary.

The events were covered by the web portal of Večernji list, and more information is available at:  This activity is part of the project “Reconstruction of the Municipal Court building in Split and promotion of e-services”, financed under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

The total value of this project is EUR 12,672,941, and the objective is to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the justice system.
Fore more information on the Norwegian Financial Mechanism see: