Independent Sector for Public Procurement

  • public procurement procedures for the Ministry and centralised procurement for the budget users within the competence of the Ministry;
  • monitoring of the compliance of public procurement procedures with the procurement plan and the budget plan with regard to spending limitations and earmarks;
  • preparation and development of public procurement contracts, and monitoring of their execution;
  • receipt and distribution of equipment and material (office supplies issuing), maintenance of relevant records and documentation;
  • organisation of procurement in accordance with the Ministry’s needs, at the proposal and with participation of organisational units within the Ministry, as well as for the needs of penal institutions when it is financed from the state budget;
  • procurement of goods, works and services following the procedure prescribed in public procurement regulations, and procurements with values below the regulatory threshold;
  • definition of procurement procedures, modes and objects in line with public procurement regulations, independently or in cooperation with relevant administrative and professional services and external associates, depending on the procurement object;
  • preparation and development of procurement documentation, participation in tender evaluation;
  • participation in developing the proposal for a financial plan of the Ministry within its scope, and making sure that procurement is in line with the spending limitations and earmarks laid down in the plan;
  • preparation of the annual public procurement report through the Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds, and participation in developing and regularly updating the procurement plan published on the website of the Ministry;
  • coordination of cooperation with the Central State Office for Central Public Procurement and preparation of statements about the Ministry’s needs in all central public procurement categories, maintenance of records and documentation, and development of reports on the execution of central public procurement contracts for the Central State Office for Central Public Procurement;
  • conducting procedures under consolidated public procurement for budget users within the relevant budget heading;
  • preparation of opinions in appeals of public procurement procedures, heard before the State Commission for Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures.