Revising the methodology of evaluation of judges’ performance

Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021



Project Promoter:
Ministry of Justice and Public Administration - Directorate for Organisation of Judiciary

Donor project partner:
Norwegian Courts Administration

Project partner:
State Judicial Council

Short description:
Based on the results of the comparative analysis study of evaluation of the performance of judges in Spain, Germany and Finland and on recommendations made for improving the methodology of the evaluation of judges' performance, system of the evaluation of the performance of judges will be revised. A public conference will be held in order to present the recommendations to the relevant stakeholders. State Judicial Council will amend the Methodology for the evaluation of judges’ performance based on the recommendations.

Main objective:
increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the judicial system

Total project value:
€ 400,000

€ 340,000

Implementation period:
01/01/2021 - 01/07/2022 (18 months)

Contact person:
Ms Martina Vrdoljak,